Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lloyd Thaxton R.I.P.

Yet another piece of Los Angeles history has slipped away.
Sadly, Lloyd Thaxton checked out this Sunday.
Here's a link to the L.A. Time obituary.

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Jenny Lens said...

I always rushed home from junior and sr high school to watch this show. The Go-Go's refer to him in one of their songs (can't remember which).

He was a MAJOR influence in so many LA teens' lives. He's one of those people who are not a household name, but whose influence was powerful and lasting. I preferred his show over "American Bandstand."

I don't remember his crazy antics. I only remember studying the teens on his show for cool clothes, hair and makeup. And of course, the MUSIC.

Plus of course I watched Shindig, Hullabaloo, and the Monkees. Great fun! Those shows helped plant the seeds which compelled me to create my punk/rock photo archive.

We all owe Mr. Thaxton a debt of gratitude. Bless him!