Sunday, January 14, 2007

A moment of glory...around 7 seconds worth!

This photo (OK vid-grab) above is one of my most treasured moments: It's my good self and one of the founding fathers of Pop Art, Sir Peter Blake.

While in London (no relation) for Brian's first live performance of SMiLE, I had the honor of meeting Sir Peter backstage. It never ocurred to me at the time to ask someone to snap a shot of us, because this night truly belonged to Brian, Van Dyke & the band. Our entire meeting only lasted for around 10 minutes. Much to my surprise, when the "Beautiful Dreamer" DVD arrived, a friend called and told me to check out our drummer Jim Hines' backstage interview and I'd find a little something cool in the background...sure enough, there we are (for like 4 seconds) discussing the art for Bri's (then) upcoming album Getting In Over My Head...I can't actually recall our entire conversation, but I do remember when I introduced myself as Brian's graphic artist, he said "oh, very good!...then we shall collaborate for the new album?" to which I said something like "Well, I have to admit, I've seen what you did with Sgt. Pepper, I think you're quite capable of doing an album without me!" However, he kindly insisted I be involved (I did all but the cover) and is seen above showing me his sketches and sharing his vision for the album cover.

The biggest thrill, was seeing Sir Peter wearing my art on his backstage pass. Anyhow, like lightning, the moment was brief but there 'tis!

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